SCALING UP ICT SKILLS; IDT Labs Driving a Five Days Free ICT Training for SMEs and University Students

Do you know that ICT skills power 21st century businesses and workplace processes? How about the fact that

Do you know that ICT skills power 21st century businesses and workplace processes? How about the fact that a substantial number of university students lack rudimentary ICT skills? often besieged to fit in the modern work place. Will it be a surprise to know that most SMEs use smoky methods in managing daily processes? with the few using Microsoft Applications like Excel always vulnerable to duplicated data and error.  So what do you do? This post will tell you how IDT Labs is bridging this gap.

Fanning this smoke, iDT Labs is accelerating a “Five Days Free ICT Training” (Monday 14th – Friday 18th March) targeting SMEs and University students. After weeks of invitations to applications, over 300 applications were tendered. Consequently, 85 candidates met the threshold of which almost half constitutes women the balance being filled by SMEs and students

Training in progress

Training in progress

With the exercise having kicked off on the 14th March 2016, on the first day participants were oriented on the essence of the entire exercise, expectations and delivered course overview. Statements by partners, trainers and relevant incubations like were made.

I am very happy to be here. The first day of the exercise gave me a broad understanding what the training will provide me Mariam Bah, female participant.

The second day (15th March 2016) commences the actual training. Participants were taught computer basics; focusing on types of desktop applications, setting up a computer, using a computer, handling files and folders, protecting PC, connecting to wireless and safely shut down.

Really amazing learning a lot” Ejata Barrie

This exercise is expected to empower business people and students with new skills, deliver them authentic certification and a surprise package that will be unleashed.


We will provide you updates as the exercise continues

 Courtesy of iDT Labs, the team behind IDT Cloud Software (ICSS); a cost effective and high quality mission critical software for businesses and NGOs.


Author: Abass Shaw, R&D Lead IDT Labs